Network & business platform between Zambia and Denmark


Coordination of communication

ZamNordic helps you navigate the Zambian and Danish cultures in business contexts. From initial contact to finished project, we provide you with all relevant information on your partners and represent you to your partner to ensure that both parties are in agreement and are properly understood at all times.

International Business Trips

Even in our digital era, face-to-face meetings are still one of the most effective ways of networking and exploring new markets. We take care of all the practical aspects of the trip and arrange meetings and visits so that you can focus on getting to know potential partners and discover what opportunities the market holds for you.

Seminars and Business Meetings

Our seminars are the perfect opportunity for you to learn about how sustainability relates to businesses and municipalities in Zambia and the Nordic countries. The keynote speeches are followed by discussions and relevant feedback from the other participants. Afterwards, there is time to network and visit the different booths that companies and municipalities have set up.

Entrepreneurial Business Labs

In our entrepreneurial business labs, you’ll meet other members with entrepreneurial dreams and have the possibility to pitch and get feedback on your ideas and business case. At each lab, two members present their business cases which are followed by in-depth discussions on solutions and possibilities for their businesses. Afterward, there is time to network. If you are interested in one-on-one consultations, don’t hesitate to contact us via mail.

ZamNordic's new member: Mufulira

At the end of May this year, His Worship Mr. Tanayeli Kamanga, Executive Mayor of Mufulira, came to Denmark to discuss two major interconnected issues in his municipality; solid waste management and wastewater management. Important knowledge, advice, and
input were shared as we visited leaders at Redux – Kolding Municipality’s waste management department – and BlueKolding – a municipally owned company specializing in wastewater treatment in Kolding Municipality – as well as Kolding’s Mayor, Knud Erik Langhoff.

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Visit Denmark to find new opportunities and partnership

We propose company or individuals visit Denmark for partnership and collaboration possibilities with Danish companies and municipalities. 

Want to be part of a community that gather Zambian and Danish companies

We have different membership forms for businesses, municipalities, and individuals that are currently being updated. To get more information on what sort of membership solution you’re qualified for, contact us at and let us know about your business or project and what kind of partners you are looking for.

Invest in project to support sustainability such as waste and water management

Waste management and wastewater treatment in Zambia are big themes at the moment. We are especially interested in talking to companies specializing in sustainable solutions within these sectors.

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BlackForest Solutions, our new partner

At ZamNordic, we’re eager to find competent companies to join …

New Partner of ZamNordic

At ZamNordic, we’re eager to find competent companies to join forces with. This is why we’re thrilled to be partnering with BlackForest Solutions – a German
environmental company with expertise in waste management strategies, operations, and services on a global level.

Having accomplished over 200 waste management projects across more than 65 countries, BlackForest Solutions has made an immense environmental impact, particularly in emerging markets through consulting as well as establishing onsite solutions.

Plans for Zambian areas are already in development, and we look forward to advancing our joint efforts to promote waste management projects in collaboration with Zambian stakeholders.

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