We are beyond excited to announce the Municipality of Mufulira as a member here at

At the end of May this year, His Worship Mr. Tanayeli Kamanga, Executive Mayor of
Mufulira, came to Denmark to discuss two major interconnected issues in his municipality;
solid waste management and wastewater management. Important knowledge, advice, and
input were shared as we visited leaders at Redux – Kolding Municipality’s waste
management department – and BlueKolding – a municipally owned company specializing in
wastewater treatment in Kolding Municipality – as well as Kolding’s Mayor, Knud Erik

At ZamNordic, we are thrilled and intent on continuing this process and helping Mufulira
realize opportunities for Zambian-Danish collaborations that offer growth for all parties

Delegation from Zambia

His Worship Mr. Tanayeli Kamanga

Executive Mayor of Mufulira

Managing solid waste and wastewater

Located in the copper belt province of Zambia, and with a population of around 200.000, Mufulira is estimated to generate approximately 102 tons of waste per day. Although solid waste management companies are already engaged in Mufulira’s waste management, the collection and transportation of waste to the disposal site are inconsistent and only take place in selected areas. In order to ensure consistency and coverage of markets, public places, and low-cost areas, the local authorities wish to supplement their efforts Until then, the state of the local environment, the wastewater infrastructure, and the health of the locals will continue to worsen.


Some of the biggest challenges in improving waste management in Mufulira include:


Inconsistency and inadequacy in waste collection and transportation due to unreliable and insufficient equipment, especially during the rainy season.

Dumping of waste

Lack of proper waste storage and collection at markets, in public places, and inlow-cost residential areas.


Lack of an engineered dumpsite for recycling, reducing, and reclaiming waste.


Lack of awareness and participation among citizens.
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Mufulira wishes to connect with innovative businesses to find the best solutions to the
problems. Specifically, Mufulira seeks partners to help with:

An improved dumpsite with an environmental buffer zone.

To properly handle and store waste, the dumpsite needs an environmental buffer zone along with several additional facilities.

Specialized solid waste collection equipment

Specialized equipment helps optimize the process and keeps the workers safe.

Waste storage receptacles to segregate waste at its source.

Waste storage receptacles are necessary to ensure that different types of waste are collected, sorted, and disposed of correctly.

Community awareness and social responsibility.

The actions and attitudes among the general population are deciding factors for a renewal of the current system to last in the longer term. Managing expectations and using systems and services correctly are important parts of this.

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Results from our seminar


Among other participants, ZamNordic invited Kolding Kommune, REDUX Kolding and Bæredygtighedshuset to a seminar to share their knowledge and connect with the Chililabombwe delegates. A business relationship was created, and we are currently working on nurturing and expanding that connection.

Media Coverage

The visit was mediatized by both regional Danish television and Zambian national television. By doing that, the waste problem has been made public and the importance of it has been acknowledged.

Idea Generation

During their visit, the delegates from Chililabombwe attended our seminar on waste management and presented their case. From the subsequent debate with the audience, ideas were generated. Among other things, it was suggested that Chililabombwe focus on its social media presence to create awareness and furthermore to make a campaign to engage citizens in collecting waste, and Chililabombwe is now actively working on these initiatives.

Moments from our event

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