Frequently Asked Questions

What is ZamNordic’s mission?

At ZamNordic, we strive to connect Zambian and Danish municipalities, businesses, and entrepreneurs that are eager to collaborate on sustainable solutions in Zambia.

What does Zamnordic offer?

In short, we enable you to establish and maintain a fruitful and lasting collaboration to realize your sustainability projects. We assist you in promoting and pitching your projects to potential partners. Subsequently, from the initial steps to the finished project, we arrange and ensure efficient communication between you and the other stakeholders. In other words, language barriers, navigating cultural differences as well as retrieving relevant data and information will no longer hold you back from maximizing your partnership potential. To inspire and empower aspiring entrepreneurs, you have the opportunity to participate in our thought-provoking seminars, courses, and networking events in Denmark, where we cover a variety of topics related to business and sustainability. Although these activities are open to all members, they only take place in Denmark.

Does ZamNordic offer grants to individuals or projects?

We do not. What we do offer, however, is to help entrepreneurs, companies, and municipalities find the right Zambian and/or Danish partners to develop and bring their projects to life.

What types of projects are currently in the making?

Waste management and wastewater treatment in Zambia are big themes at the moment. We are especially interested in talking to companies specializing in sustainable solutions within these sectors.

How to become a member and why?

We have different membership forms for businesses, municipalities, and individuals that are currently being updated. To get more information on what sort of membership solution you’re qualified for, contact us at and let us know about your business or project and what kind of partners you are looking for.

Having a project in mind?

We are also here to help small entrepreneurs and independents to develop their networks. You can submit your project idea in our form to give us a clear view of it. We aim to help people who are interested in developing ideas to build a better and more sustainable world. 

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