We are pleased to announce that Chililabombwe has become a member here at ZamNordic.

In September 2022, delegates from Chililabombwe came to visit the municipalities of Kolding, Fredericia and Vejen as well as local companies in these areas. Here, meetings and conversations were a source of inspiration for future initiatives, and Chililabombwe is now motivated to find competent partners for the following stages of their development. 

At ZamNordic, we are honored to take part in this journey by building the bridge between Chililabombwe and potential Nordic partners.

Delegation from Zambia

His Worship Mr. Lucky Sichone

Mayor of Chililabombwe

Dr. Gift Sakanyi

Director of Public Health Chililabombwe

George Mulenga

Chililabombwe Town Clerk

A waste management case

Chililabombwe, the home district of more than 125,000 people, has experienced immense population growth. For this reason, its waste generation has increased beyond capacity, resulting in 40% of the 200 tons of daily waste being left on the streets and in nature. For the workers involved as well as the general population in Chililabombwe, the insufficiency of the current waste management system poses a health hazard, as it leads to infections and life-threatening enteric diseases.


Some of the biggest challenges in establishing a more effective waste management system in Chililabombwe include:


Lack of equipment for specialised waste management and personal protection.

Dumping of waste

Inadequate refuse storage, collection and disposal facilities, which leads to indiscriminate dumping of waste


Absence of a recycling and sorting center.


Lack of engagement among community leaders and members/citizens regarding waste management.
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For this reason, Chililabombwe wishes to connect with innovative businesses and municipalities and team up to find the best solutions. Specifically, Chililabombwe seeks: 

Partnership for waste management in the district.

Chililabombwe is looking for relevant partners who can help with knowledge and support for a better waste management process. Can we do something with all the plastic waste we generate every single day?

The setting up a biogas digester at the Kasumbalesa border town.

A biogas digester is paramount to decomposing organic waste correctly.

The setting up of a waste recycling center in the district.

Currently, Chililabombwe lacks a sufficient facility for a waste and recycling center, which hinders proper management.

Modernized waste management equipment

There is a need for more and better equipment such as trucks and compactors to handle the waste.

Want to collaborate?


If you wish to hear more about the case or connect with Chililabombwe, don’t hesitate to contact us at


Results from our seminar


Among other participants, ZamNordic invited Kolding Kommune, REDUX Kolding and Bæredygtighedshuset to a seminar to share their knowledge and connect with the Chililabombwe delegates. A business relationship was created, and we are currently working on nurturing and expanding that connection.

Media Coverage

The visit was mediatized by both regional Danish television and Zambian national television. By doing that, the waste problem has been made public and the importance of it has been acknowledged.

Idea Generation

During their visit, the delegates from Chililabombwe attended our seminar on waste management and presented their case. From the subsequent debate with the audience, ideas were generated. Among other things, it was suggested that Chililabombwe focus on its social media presence to create awareness and furthermore to make a campaign to engage citizens in collecting waste, and Chililabombwe is now actively working on these initiatives.

Moments from our event

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