About Us


The business bridge between Zambia and Nordic countries

The idea
Having experienced firsthand how Zambia is in desperate need of sustainable solutions and later moving to Denmark and learning about innovative Nordic technologies, founder and CEO Alfred K. N. Mwabala saw the potential benefits that both sides could bring to each other.
The start
As a result of Alfred’s unique blend of values, education, and business experience from both Zambia and Denmark, ZamNordic was born in 2022 and a new journey began.
While ZamNoric is still in its early years, no time is wasted Currently, we are managing the communication between stakeholders for potential projects centered around waste management. Furthermore, we regularly host sustainability and networking events. Our next sustainability and networking event will be on September 2nd.
We are aiming to expand our partnership with more companies and municipalities in the sustainable development sector.

The project

The business bridge between Zambia and the Nordic countries. As stated by the UN, sustainability is about meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Realizing sustainable business opportunities is essential in accomplishing this vision. ZamNordic is the business bridge that makes possible collaborations between Zambian and Nordic businesses and public institutions that are mutually beneficial and make a real impact
in Zambia.

ZamNordic team

Alfred Kadima Naumann Mwabala


Malene Ripley Eilsøe

Communications specialist

Diana Mwabala

Concept designer

Peter Emanuel Mwabala

Business developer

Joyce Namumba Mwabala

Business social advisor

Xavier Huang Sung

UI & UX designer intern

ZamNordic was founded by Alfred Kadima Naumann Mwabala in 2022. “My values, education, and business experience from both countries have given me fundamental tools to build ZamNordic.” ZamNordic wants to be the most reliable and innovative platform for sustainable economic growth between Zambia and Nordic countries. We work with economic independence, business start up consultancy, business tools and international partnership.
We want to build a bridge between Zambia and Nordic countries that benefit both sides by focusing on sustainaibility and streghtening relations among entrepreneurs, business owners, municipalities and governments.